For Sale - Concession Trailer

Todd Braden (former Schmizza franchisee) is selling his concession trailer. 

Seth Buechly from Eugene and Roseburg built this and used it for Schmizza and Cold Stone. It is fully furnished with the two heated and lighted Pizza displays, a 110v 2 shelf Bakers Pride stone oven, a water heater and pump for the built-in sink for handwashing, and a chest freezer.  Very well set up.  It served him very well at concessions events, sporting events, festivals, etc. 


The trailer is a Wells Cargo CLW 142.  It is 7' Wide and 14' in Length.  It's pretty heavy so the owner needs a good rig to tow it.  He moved it around with his Suburban. It has 2019 tags. It is fully still logo'd Schmizza and could literally be up and running for any owner in a day.  We always passed all health inspections instantly because of the hot water handwash sink, etc.


There are a few minor repairs and fixes needed - but nothing structural and nothing that keeps it from functioning right now.


He would like to get $7,500 for it.  Please contact him at  for further details if you are interested.



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