Effective March 16, 2020 and until further notice, except for Sharon Newkirk, all FIP/SII/NNW staff are working from home. Please expect our usual high level of service, but recognize these conditions may result in delays. Please be patient.



The corporate office will be closed on the following dates during 2023:

Mon. January 2nd - New Year's Day

Mon. February 20th - President's Day

Mon. May. 29th - Memorial day

Mon. June 19th - Juneteenth

Tue. July 4th - 4th of July

Mon. September 4th - Labor Day

Thurs & Fri. November 23rd & 24th - Thanksgiving & day after

Fri. December 22nd - noon to 5pm - Christmas Eve holiday

Mon. December 25th - Christmas Day holiday




Mon - Thurs:   8am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm Pacific Time.

Friday:           8am to Noon Pacific Time

The office is closed for lunch between Noon and 1pm Monday thru Thursday, and closed all afternoon Friday.


Corporate telephone number: 503-371-9318 or 1-866-413-1010

Corporate fax number: 503-363-5364



Holly Earle-Schultze - Marketing (primary Mktg contact)                   ext. 102

Kelly Kimsey - Accounting/Controller                                              ext. 104

Jeff Rode - President                                                                     ext. 100

Ron Berger - CEO                                                                         ext. 101

Sandra Brower - Accounting (primary Acct. contact)                         ext. 105

Sharon Newkirk - Admin/General Questions (primary Ops.contact)    ext. 103



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Online ordering is an integral part of the take-out and delivered pizza business.

Effective on January 1, 2018, and from that date forward, all stores are required to accept and promote online ordering.

All of the major pizza brands – Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Domino’s, now report that their online business represents more than half of total revenues with Domino’s now over 60%! But let’s go even further: Toppers Pizza, a Wisconsin chain, now reports that one third of their orders are received online, mostly from smart phones, and that online customers are more satisfied because of the ease of ordering and the increased accuracy of such orders. Toppers says that their average online order is 19% larger than their average non-online order! Pizza Hut reported that over 60% of their Super Bowl orders came in online, and at least 30% of those from smartphones. Domino’s in England reports over 75% of all orders now come in online, There is a reason you’re not growing as fast as you could, and it likely is at least partly because your customer can’t order from you online, if you’re one of the holdouts, and he/she wants to! We are far behind. Given that orders received online are more profitable than all other orders, we are intent on rapidly growing the share of our orders generated online. If you’re looking for a way to grow your business with little to no investment, this is it! Owners report that they often receive large online orders, 5 or 10 pizzas, with zero discount, no coupons, and from people who have never bought from them before! Typically, we experience discount levels of half online than in the rest of our business. Discounts on online orders typically run below 3%. Independence gets nearly 1 in 5 of their orders online and you could too! In other words, there is no real cost to you, only the benefits. Also, online stores can now accept credit cards online.

One of our stores generated well over $100,000 in online orders over the past year. Others are close behind. The Figaro’s system-wide online average ticket is $34.91, and the median ticket average is $28.02.


Even if you don’t have a printer or internet access, you can accept online orders by fax. All Figaro’s e-deals and all FSIs and other advertising provided by FIP will now state that we welcome online orders and will promote online ordering. In fact, most or all e-deal offers will state that the offer applies to online orders as well as in-store orders.





Equipment for sale

I have the following for sale 112" Randall Pizza bar with end caps and overshelf.  It has a brand new compressor with a 5 year warranty.  $2500 CTX ovens - 2 chains each.  double stacked so you have 4 chains.  comes with a ss stand 60 qt Titan…

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